Grandpa Defies the Laws of Nature – Curls 200 LBS!

Grandpa’s 66th Birthday


No longer the man I once was, I was now old. A senior citizen, 66 years old today, I was a Grandpa! As the family celebration of my birthday was ending, my son and I sat at the kitchen table talking about starting our own business. I expressed that I had always wanted a business that inspired all to achievement, to believe anything is possible in life. So I posed the question to my son, “What kind of business could we start that would accomplish this?” As we sat there, he looked at me and said, “Your Strength. Everyone at the gym calls you “Grandpa Muscles” because of your Strength. You could tell your story. If they could see how strong you are, it would inspire them to achievement. That anything is possible in life.” I looked at him and said, “You found the answer! It’s our call to action! We’re going to the gym now!” So my son, daughter, and I headed to the gym. My daughter filming, as my son handed 66 year old Grandpa 200 LBS to curl 40% over his body weight and how our website came to be. A website dedicated to Helping all to be strong and by virtue to be healthier and to inspire you that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN YOUR LIFE! Grandpa’s Video proves this to be TRUE!

Grandpa Muscles